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Noh Masks_trailer

15min   |   Language: Japanese  |   Director: Itaru Matsui


In the over 600-year old form of classical Japanese theater called Noh, wooden masks are worn by the performers. These masks have been made by wood carvers who lived and worked with the performer to create masks specific to each role. At age 52, Hideta Kitazawa is one of the few remaining artisans carrying on this tradition. While using a multitude of chisels to carve masks from blocks of cypress, he shares his thoughts on how these inanimate materials are brought to life and imbued with various emotions.

北澤秀太は、現代にあって能楽師と密にコミュニケーションをとり、新しい演目のための能面を作る数少ない職人だ。無数の彫刻刀で美しい影を作り、何度も彩色を重ねて存在に深みをもたせてゆく。そのプロセスには、能の感情表現の命とされる『テル・クモル』(面の角度によって見るものに喜怒哀楽を引き起こす技法)の様式が受け継がれている。北澤の『木で作って、動くわけがないのに表情が変わる能面 』の技に迫る。

Noh Masks_能面_trailer
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