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KIOKE SHOYU_ wooden barrel soy sauce

 6min    |    Language: Japanese |  Director: Naoki uchiyama

The true, rich taste of soy sauce aged in KIOKE (wooden barrels). Soy sauce is aged like fine wine and whiskey. Each brewer's microbial terroir of active cultures is unique, resulting in distinctive flavors and aromas. A truly premium soy sauce. Website:

With the cooperation of 24 breweries nationwide, a project to promote wooden tub soy sauce to the world has begun with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. A brewery who makes a large tub for brewing, a soy sauce sommelier trying to spread a table with wooden tub soy sauce, and charlatans who grow Yoshino cedar as a tub material. The connection of people who love wooden tubs will create a landscape 100 years from now .

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